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The Full Story


We are a home-based pet-sitting service In Mandurah. We will care for your pet as close as how you would at home. They are with us 24/7  They are never left alone.  Our passion comes from being raised by an R.S.P.C.A  inspector as a dad, we cared for many abandoned, abused, and neglected animals and know what it takes to bring them back physically, and emotionally  The owners tell me that their pets get excited when they realize that they are coming here.  That really says it all.

Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet


Our mission is to make our home a home away from home that they love coming to. it's about them getting to meet friends and play. not about you going away.  we are an extended family.

Teaching Tricks


Our vision

is to provide refuge for Dogs that are escaping Family Domestic violence  80% of families say they delay leaving because of nowhere for their pets to go while seeking refuge for themselves.

Happy Dog
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