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A few months ago an 86-year-old man was robbed and violently beaten in his own home and taken to hospital. What we want to do is help others rehome dogs in Mandurah temporary or permanently, fitted with a medic alarm tag on the dog's collar. .if this man had had this the dog would have alerted him about an intruder, and he could of activated the medic alarm and received police assistance before they broke into his house. this will be a not for profit program to cover all of the costs to them.

We Need You

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Elderly falls

99% of elderly that have a medical alarm around their neck are not wearing it at the time of a fall. A dog will come up to you and lick your face, which makes it easier and faster to get help.  if wearing a medic alert tag on its collar. also great for walkabout GPS. 

this will be a not-for-profit program we want to fundraise to cover all the costs of the collars, alarm and pet care. 

24/7 monitoring GPS Tracker

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